Forest Valley

Here’s a map I’ve been working on and off for the last month or so. It started out as a school project and I liked it so I decided to release it.
Feel free to use the assets, just don’t forget to credit me.


Looks awesome, glad you decided to release it.

Yep, fantastic map. Great job!

Nice cool atmosphere, I like it!

It seems like in the last picture the water would have changed the face of the rock in some way. Moss or just being darker from water.
Looks great though. Nice job.

Wow this looks beautiful!

nice job, it looks like that standart map you get with cryengine tho :v:

I love the contrast and lighting much. Fantastic job!

The rock is darker, though.

Your models are decent. Are they available for download?

Very good displacement work. I always struggle with getting displacements to look natural, you’ve done a really good job here.

It would be nice if you applied a black texture to the underwater part of the skybox walls so that you won’t be getting that ugly skybox seam while underwater.

You should definitely pop this on workshop, people would love this.

actually played the map
some parts were really inspired from dear esther

btw you shouldn’t use detail.vbsp as it’s the default vbsp name, aside of that great work.

neat map. here’s a nice screen i did there

Thought for a second there that the shovel blade was his arm bent at the elbow. :v:

Can’t find the map, where is it located?

Im a sucker for maps like this, I love it, really clean and simple outdoors map.

Reminds of something you would see in Maine or Nova Scotia.

Just curious, but did you use some foilage from Dear Esther? Some of the rocks look the same :v: