"Forever Alone" - A Valentines Day Compilation

There are far to few romantic screenshots in this sections. So have a guns free compilation for once.

A couple of screenshots I’ve done over the past few weeks. Figured I’d save them up for a compilation thread instead of spamming the “post your picture but dont want to make a thread” thread.
So, enjoy.






I love you all <3
[sp]You especially Half-Dead, for the awesome models[/sp]

Updated OP with more fitting music. Thanks MrStevenWolfe!

Last one reminds me of [prototype] partly because of the guy’s clothing and it’s like an NY scene.

And then he ate her.


Not as funny as “ate”

Nice thread music sir, nice indeed

Thank you for reminding me of what I don’t have…

It’s ok.
I’d love to have a velociraptor wearing a top hat too.

OK, found a song that (kinda) fits the overall mood.

La Valse D’Amelie

Lemmie know if I got the mood right!

This is NOT forever alone.