Forever At Ravenholm

From the creator who brought you UnKnown Moments, I present you more of a serious machinima, “Forever At Ravenholm”, that focuses on the depressing, lonely atmosphere of Half-Life 2’s Ravenholm.

This is a remake of the first video I have ever made back in May 2006, with a much better concept. It’s a project I’ve been looking forward to doing since during the production of UnKnown Moments 4. Now that I am finished after two days of work, it looks damn beautiful… to me at least. This video is probably one of the best machinimas of mine to date.

Tools I used for this were strictly Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0, Fraps, and Garry’s Mod. The reason I used Garry’s Mod instead of Half-Life 2 itself was because Gmod used the update source engine, ability to use cameras, and the bloom feature, which I used to my advantage to give Ravenholm more of an atmosphere.

Check out my Youtube account for more videos.

Superb, good job Caleb,

Wow, amazing :open_mouth:

Bad music choice i think. I didn’t really get much from this, it was mediacore.

I think the music fit quite well.

I have to agree with darius. It felt like another hl2 callaboration

To be honest, I am in love with the song

The song gives it a sad feel to it, no lies. Awesome work Caleb!

I like your style. Keep up the good work!

Good job, Like Korn and Ravenholm

you’re the kins of guy who would spawn a ragdoll with goremod on just to watch the blood, aren’t you?
this was f***ing art.