"Forever Yours" Elexis & Jessica (Heavily photoshopped)


This was supposed to be a unmodified picture, but I couldn’t help myself.
I quite like the way it came out, though there’s something wrong with Jessica’s face, but I can’t put my finger on it =/





Other angle:



Excuse me?

I think hes lost for words…

Good picture however!

Would have been funny if they made such a noise . :smiley:

I bet :slight_smile:

Very good :smiley:

Quite nice. Me like.

Lesbians :q:

Good job! I like the angle and the blue burst from the top. Keep it up!

HEHEHEHEHEH theyre making out…ommmg

wowa…rated art, and * agree *

Lovely! Might make this my bg. xD

I wouldn’t really call it “heavily photoshopped”.

Weapons, blood, mayhem and murder doesn’t even raise a eyebrow. But two girls kissing (and well done to I might add) sends half the Facepunch community in to stuttering muteness:)

Well a bit of an exaggeration, but still.

It’s good, though I don’t see a reason why they aren’t kissing instead of going for it.
Nice to see some variety in the screenshot section once in a while.

If they went for it, Alieni had to put it in the smut section:P

First of all. Thank you for all the positive comments everyone :slight_smile:

Second. The reason they’re not kissing, is that I think it’s way more exciting to give a hint of what is to come than to show it right away. Maybe that’s just me :slight_smile:

That’s flattering, thank you ^^ I’m glad you like it so much.

It would be better if you took the image from the other angle and used the effects you did on the first one, but without the sun glare.

Then, it would be perfect.

Until then, I don’t like the first image because the sun rays are overkill. Imo.

And I even masked some of the flares away…
Thanks for your constructive criticism :slight_smile: