ForeverRusted (NoobFriendly, PvP, 24/7, AirDrops, Oxide)

Server Name:ForeverRusted (NoobFriendly, PvP, 24/7, AirDrops, Oxide)
Steam Group: N/A (There will be a steam group made soon!)
Server IP:
Server Port: 28175
Slots: 50
Server started: 17 February 2014

Details About Our Server:

**Direct Connect: net.connect


Events: We Do Events On The Server Everytime We Reach A Certain Number Of Players, These Include:

  • Airdrops with 15 players online (Every 45 Minutes)
  • PvP Arena with 30-40 players online

**Wipe Information: There will be no wipes on our end. The only wipes that will be made are by the game devs.

We Currently Run Oxide With The Following Plugins:**

  • Advanced Kits - (For donator perks)
  • Airdrop Controller - (Allows for the customization of airdrops)
  • ChatModeration (For moderators to keep the chat clean)
  • DoorShare (Allows you to share doors with your friends)
  • PlayerLocation (/Location so you don’t get lost)
  • Ownership Remover (Allows you to destroy misplaced objects with your pickaxe)
  • Oxmin (Permissions based admin mod)
  • Private Messaging (Allows you to send private messages to your friends)

Other Features (Non-Plugin Related):

  • 0.5 Craft Speed (Halved craft time)
  • Faster Day/Night Cycle (Incase you got sick of daytime/nighttime)
  • AirDrops (Supply Drops that come every 45 minutes)

Basic Server Rules Include:

  • No Spamming In Chat
  • No Racism
  • Do Not Be Rude To Other Players
  • Do Not Overly Curse In Chat

This is the ideal server for someone who is new to the game, even people who have lots of knowledge about the game. One of the best servers I’ve played on in a long time, The admin is also very active too. Also met a handful of nice people on the server! I also appreciate that the craft speeds are quick and that the nights have been made a tad shorter so that you don’t have to hide inside forever making it really noob friendly. For anyone looking for a team, this a a great server to start one on.