Forged In Battle


Goddamn Warhammer 40,000 here ladies and gentlemen! Comments and criticism are welcome as always!

It is so beautiful

grey highlights are ugly but the rest is awesome

[del]This is better then sex with an 18-year old girl.[/del] No wait that’s creepy.

Well, not better, but close. Anyway, awesome work man.

Where’s the Chaos Space Marines and Heretics when we need one?

Those Eldar are fucked.

Woah this is nice and different!

Wait, species in 40K fight each-other when space marines/IG aren’t around? This changes everything.

Nice editing, lovely.

[quote=“Svyatoslav, post:1, topic:101375”]


Holy shit man what a diffrence it is

I guess this is just an oversight of many artists man. Background of W40k has a lot of such interracial oppositions.

The grey highlights ruin it and the gun effects are cartoony as hell too.

Wow. Great job. I like it.

Ahw man. That’s pretty dick-explodingly awesome!

Glad you like it, thanks!

Doesn’t look like GMOD @ all. Outstanding work.


Expected Warhammer, was pleased.

photoshopped to the max …

this is like one of the paintings in the super huge Warhammer book.