Forges and weapon crafting

What do you guys think about adding forges to the game? Something you have to craft first in order to craft high tier weapons? I know many people will bitch about making their ak’s and stuff harder to get but I think it’s warranted. The advantage you get once you have an assault rifle or a bolt over players that don’t have one is huge and right now they’re too easy to craft once you have the bp. Anyone can go out mining for twenty minutes and end up with enough hqm to craft one so I think adding an extra step would be good.

My suggestion is add a forge that requires charcoal to run. I choose charcoal because it then gives people the choice, do I want gun powder to make c4 or do I want to use the charcoal to craft a couple of weapons? The. Once they have it set up and running it would take a few minutes to craft the weapon and use up the resources. Now whilst logically you would have the player there doing it for realism i would say let it automatically craft. This lets the player go off and do something g else removing some of the boring “camp in my base crafting whilst atm for half an hour” grind everyone hates.

So overall it adds a new Middle game content where people may use the revolver instead if that can still be crafted normally using metal fragments and it’d give people something extra to do before everyone has hundreds of guns. Not only that but the extra time and resource costs might make people a bit more wary about losing their guns and be more careful with how they play.

This would be especially useful to combat “big groups rule all” if they had to spend more time collecting resources and had to choose between massing c4 or weapons.

I’m sure there are other ideas to refine this and add onto it but you get my basic idea. What do you guys think?

I’d like to see something like this needed to craft really high tier stuff like the rocket launcher, for instance. I feel that there isn’t really enough high tier items implemented for there to really be another step in progression though. I don’t see how this also would combat “big group rules all”, because they are wealthy regardless of how many crafting obstacles you implement, its only a matter of time. A group of 5-8 players will logically always come out on top unless a larger group runs them over. I can actually see this punishing the solo player, because the risk and cost is even greater to that person than to the group of players. So that person will either never craft that item, or will camp his base even more because he is afraid to lose his expensive item. I’d personally rather use a crossbow/revolver with a holo sight than go through that much effort to make 1 higher tier firearm.

Well I more meant in terms of resource cost. People already complain it takes ages to get loads of charcoal for huge raids (which are only typically carried out my groups) so it would impact them more having to use the charcoal to make a whole armoury of weapons for themselves. Where as the solo player would only need to craft one or two weapons so it wouldn’t be as much of an effort.

If it just used wood then it wouldn’t be an issue but charcoal not only needs you to get lots of wood (which big groups can do really easily) but also requires the time of being burnt up in a furnace, something which takes the same amount of time whether you have 10 people logged in or just the 1 solo player.

So it’s partly a slightly additional cost but more of resource management. Do you want to spend all your charcoal making 20 assault rifles/bolts/rocket launchers or do you want to use it crafting c4?

They should add poison gas crafted from sulfur. Or poison gas clouds that “blow” around the map.

sulfur + cloth + bean can grenade.

Charcoal for gas mask filter -> charcoal, cloth, metal frags (or empty tuna/bean can).

You have the option… save your sulfur and charcoal for gunpowder -> explosives -> c4.

Or do you craft gas masks to save yourself from poison gas?

Then your basically just saying make firearms more expensive and time consuming, which is not a bad thing, I guess. Resource grinding in furnaces really doesn’t mitigate how much of an armoury a group has, it just delays the inevitable. So if we factored in the amount of resources a group of 5 could potentially gather vs what 1 man could gather depending on the tools they are using, there really isn’t much of a change in game-play except giving people another reason to hide in their base longer. Raiding is the endgame as of right now and isn’t really done until enough firearms are accumulated for the entire group anyway, so most people would rather opt in for firearms and pickaxes (assuming rockets/launchers are made more expensive).