Forgot a TTT suit zoom bind.

I had accidentally binded 3 and 7 to stuff. I unbinded them. Now I can’t say “X is a Traitor!” or “Help!” in the suit zoom menu. If I remember correctly, part of the bind has to do with “slot_7” or something like that. I’ve tried looking it up, with no luck. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

wat no +zoom

… what? could you elaborate?

You can bind them using:

bind key “ttt_radio yes”
bind key “ttt_radio no”
bind key “ttt_radio help”
bind key “ttt_radio imwith”
bind key “ttt_radio see”
bind key “ttt_radio suspect”
bind key “ttt_radio traitor”
bind key “ttt_radio check”

I remember a long time ago switching “Help!” and “x is a Traitor!” within the suitzoom menu. That is my goal. I remember it had something to do with “slot_7” or something. I don’t really want ‘3’ and ‘7’ to be buttons for just one action. Any ideas?

You’ll have to rebind 3 and 7 to the default keys then.

bind <key> ttt_radio imwith
bind <key> ttt_radio traitor
bind <key> ttt_radio help

I think

He’s talking about the actual suitzoom menu.

How do I do that. O_O

I don’t want to reset all my binds to defaults. More than half of my keyboard is custom binds. I don’t really feel like changing my whole setup. Thanks for the help. :slight_smile: