Forgot name of addon, picking up stuff mod or whatever

Help me find it, i searched on but couldnt find it, i think it was named “Press E to pick up shit” or something, you could pickup stuff like you could in Hl2 and Penumbra.

Hope its the right section.

Actually this is gmod by default now, no need for such an addon anymore.

I think he means things are only picked up by ‘E’ as opposed to E and if you walk over it

I haven’t tried the new feature which came with the update yet, but this is what I used to use;

I think he means this:

It gives you the ability to pick up props in a realistic way. Hard to explain you would need to see it for yourself. It is not like a you click and it flies up into your hand. It is like you are holding it for real. Affects movement turn fast and let go to throw it.

As far as I know it no longer work.s It was one of my favourite things for gmod and I cannot get it to work any more. I even posted to the creator a while ago and got no reply.

So fucking sad :frowning:
I would learn Lua to fix that, what went wrong?

I have no idea I just loved it and I am telling you it was good. I will find a vid to show you.

Take a look at this.