Forgot password for wiki


I keep finding things on the wiki that I want to fix but I forgot my password

my account name is newbrict.

I can’t figure out how to reset the password.

Can someone help me out here?


I have no idea why there’s no link on the login page but here it is:

Ah, thank you for this. However:
“There is no e-mail address recorded for user “Newbrict”.”

am I out of luck :< ?

Create a new acc.

I would really like to use my account from before, it has the same name.
There has to be a way to get my account back

There’s no way without getting Garry involved, and you know he can’t be assed. I can rename your acc to whatever you want.

If I make a new one can you rename it to Newbrict

I just told you that i can.

Jesus, I actually figured out the pass.
I use a password generator and I couldn’t figure out the domain string I used for the wiki, but I got it…
sorry for the thread.