Forgot the addons pack SVN link

First of all , feel free by rating me dumb , but I couldnt find it with facepunch search , or google.
So, I got my HDD broken , and Ive lost all the huge collection of addons I had.
There was an addon pack , which were a remake of some awesome tools , including Fading doors , and command boxes. I cant find it anywhere , and I was really having fun with it .
Could anyone help me ?

Sorry for such a dumb thread

Does this maybe help you? I don’t know which addons you are speaking of

That was the first thing , Ive looked in.
I remember that that pack contained Fading doors ; Command box and donate box.
It is also quite popular

Conna’s Tools.
I think it’s not SVN.

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Google gave me this’s%20Tools%20Pack/

Thanks alot

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Sorry , but Im quite sure that was a connas tools remake.
It also contained some other stuff , like I mentioned above.
It is also uploaded almost to every Sandbox or darkRP server

I don’t know, I just googled and used the 1st hit, but, It’s Conna’s Tools anyways.

Thanks alot .
If I will find the link , I will post it right here

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Found it on gmod org.
That was my last hope, and that was a first link

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Thats only fading doors. Conna’s tools has more.

Look at the SVN , It is not only it