Forgot the folder... help?

Haven’t played G-Mod in a very long time. When I’m downloading mods from this site, like car packs, etc, what’s the folder that I save them under? Forgot where it is in steamapps, sorry my heads not working today >:(

Thanks Gmod community

Steamapps -> Your steam name -> Garrysmod -> Garrysmod

Thanks brah!

Steam/steamapps/(username is here)/garrysmod/garrysmod/

Now if the folder has an info(or info.txt) inside of it, it goes in /addons. If not, then instead of pasting the folder in addons, you take the things such as models,materials,lua,etc. and paste them in /garrysmod and when asked to replace hit yes.

—Damn ninja, although you should still follow the second part----