Forgot username and pass for rust

So I have a bit of a problem… I can’t remember my email and password I used to sign up for Rust a few months ago. And I WAS in the very early alpha, I have proof… as you can see, I posted this a few months ago, when I still had access to the alpha. But now, I don’t even remember the user name I used for the game… or the email to sign in, or the password. Which means I can’t really recover my account at all… but, I was wondering if I could get another account? I would private message a devolper about this, but I don’t really know who to private message… but if you could somehow figure out my account info for Rust (I don’t think that would be possible with no information…) that would be great too.

some more evidence

how do you forget the email you used

and if you did then how can anyone help you

I have, 3 email addresses and don’t forget :v:

Well, I was kinda hoping they would let me make a new account, though I wouldn’t be able to sign on until a few weeks since my computer is in for repair >-> also I just read somewhere that accounts get deleted for inactivity… is this true, cause if it is, you can delete or lock this thread…

Also I forget because my memory is shite xD.

EDIT: Well I just found out that getting your account deleted IS a thing… I’mma just… :suicide:

Buy a new account, and don’t be stupid with your new one.

Well… this is embarrassing… eh, I’ll buy the game when I get my laptop back from repair. I’ll probably just lurk the rust sub- forums for now.

Edit: After reading through some of the old posts (some of them are hilarious) I feel a ban coming on… eh, ban me if you want, I’m more or less a lurker anyway. I guess I deserve it xD.