Forgotten City Screenshot

I created this on gm_flatgrass it took me over 7 hours to make but it was totally worth it!

Here is my Deviantart Page for more gmod screenshots:

pretty nice

if you want to have more control over the lighting (like, total control) use GM_Black for scenebuilds. here’s a link to the map

Really nice, you should have posted a version where the foreground is in focus instead of the ruins.

Thank you! I was actually looking for this map for a long time!

Is there a version of gm_black that has an interactable ground? Aka use the stand tool around it and the like? Pisses me off to no end.

Pic is absolutely beautiful. Btw, wraithcat, what do you mean interactable ground? If you need to create some kind of ground just select a big flat prop and color it transparent, then it can serve as invisible ground.

but you can stand pose models on gm_black??

Btw zombie, I checked your linked art and it’s really good, you should share some of that here with people as well.

Yeah you can.

Nice job man, really nice.

The stand tool works without issues on gm_black. If X model doesn’t works, it’s the model’s fault.

Same reason why some models break Ragdoll Mover.

GM_Black does that.
Sounds like you are using V2 of Black, which has that weird colorable ground that refuses to work with stand pose.

Neat stuff man. I love the juxtaposition of the foreground elements against the background. I wouldn’t say that yellow lights are the best choice though. Makes it harder to tell what time of day it is. If it is morning or early afternoon, the light should be closer to white rather then a deep yellow, and if it’s closer to sunset, then there should be some more orange going on. As is, I have no idea as to what time of day it is.

Thank you! I probably will share some more soon!

I’ve tried it over multiple computers - the stand tool refuses to worrk on it. Nor duplicator i think.

apparrently it’s an issue with v2