Forgotten Grounds [Interactive!]

So, this is a basic interactive comic. Actualy first one made by me.
Comments are welcome.

Search weapons locker.

More suggestions, please.

Search a shadow cause he isn’t even casting one…anyway weapons.

Change to a map that’s not gm_squares!

Nah, joking. Weapons locker.

Weapons locker.

Shoot the lock off with the gun (If there’s any ammo.)

Take some guns from weapons locker, check the PC and eat something then think how to unlock the door.

Search the weapons locker.

Take guns, search the area and blow the lock up.

You decide to search the weapons locker. (My 100th post btw)

Pick the crowbar up. Then go to the lock and hit it with the crowbar.

Pick up the M4A1 and shoot the lock.

Pick up the Beretta and shoot yourself.

Pick up an M4 and shoot a crowbar out of it on the beretta.

Run back to the gate, and hit the generator with crowbar, then shoot the lock

This. But take a gun too.

Next comic coming up!

Use the gun to shoot the lock, then switch to crowbar in one hand and pistol the other.
Walk outside slowly and cautiously. Finding another unconscious survivor.

Sorry for being late.

stay here and continue to look around