Forgotten Hope 2 a Battlefield 2 mod

someone can port the props from the battlefield 2 mod: Forgotten Hope 2, to gmod
in priority those props please ?:[/thumb]

I’m a french Citroenist

You want them rigged or static props?

static porps

And BMW r75 from game .OBJ or .3ds please :slight_smile:

I’m downloading FH2 now, I’ll post again when I get them ported.

thanks mate

Big Thanx

If anyone knows a way to get models from BF2/2142 engine into a modelling tool (pref. not max) with skeleton intact, please let me know. I’ve been sitting on some Battlefield Heroes stuff for a bit, and that game’s dead as balls.

Winner winner chicken dinner.

The only way to port stuff from the old BF games is by using 3DS Max 9. 9 is the last version that has support for the BF1942/2 plugins and utilities.

If you send me the files along with what you want I might be able to work some of my Battlefield magic from when I used to mod BF.

Hi.BMW r75 from game .OBJ or .3ds please :slight_smile:

Ok man, wait!

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Big Thanks :slight_smile: