'Forgotten Isle' -And orangy sunset in a isle (Scenebuild.) +bonus

I got bored in buildgrass and decided to try scenebuilding :buddy:
This might count as my first ‘scenic’ scenebuild, usually when I scenebuild I do it for a background.

Now, Filesmelt is down and I’m out of patience. So I’m going to post the resized version.
The full pic is 1680x1050 (new desktop fuck ye) and 2,2 mb. I’ll upload that whenever filesmelt gets fixed or I find a better host that won’t resize it.

Thanks to GoldenBullet another upload site, this one is full size (Hint, its a thumbnail, trying to prevent streching page.)
I tried my best to make the see look a bit wild by clone stamping waves in :3:
For some reason I think it needs a bit o music. But I can’t find a good song.

And a bonus of more boredom:

(I know similar ideas had been done before and better, but this is ingame only, exept the glowing eye which sucks :razz:)

C&C, comments and ratings would be very nice. (Or a music hint/link to a place to upload full pic.)

www.cubeupload.com Works for me.

As for the picture, i like :slight_smile:

Try uppix for the full picture, I want to see it. The scenebuild looks awesome, have a palette.

Updated Op with thumbnail to the full picture.

I can’t believe the first one was made in gmod. Good job

That is a damn nice picture.

Great scenebuild and angle, just great.

And the robot junk dude is nice.

Thanks to the comments you six, I might try making more scenebuilds when I find some inspiration again.

Nice scenebuild, you sir have lots of patience to be able to spawn and place all those foliage.

That robot is awesome.