Forgotten memories (Interactive)

Finally, first comic posted in facepunch (Not first made ofcourse)…

Since it’s my first comic it will just need 3 votes to countinue

Side notes:
-Don’t ask me to turn up the graphics, if I put them any higher my PC crashes (Exept of textures, exept better textures next time)
-Maybe some of you will rate this bad spelling, you’re right, I don’t speak english naturally so I’m still bad at it.
-I can’t turn on AA, posing and fullyfing the place it’s really bad at 15 fps already.
-Yes, I know the risks of posting a comic without experience (Saw a lot), but I take the risks.
-Oh and if the title looks unoriginal is because I didn’t have a name but still I can’t post a unamed comic so based on what is suposedly to happen I created the name.
-Please don’t just tell my “Your comic sucks” tell me why so I can fix that for future comics.

Edit: So… anybody wants to post something?




Sorry guys, I’m in other PC so I’ll post the chosen option tomorrow, you can still vote for now

“I don’t remember a shit…” ??
Terrific writing

All right, so it should be “I can’t”, right?

C. Quickly retrieve arms from safe!

Ok so it was 2 votes for A 1 for B and other (funny) choice
So let’s go with A:

There ya go

The Spas, assuming it’s not got the super-duper wide choke of almost every game with a shotgun ever.

Spas , because for now it looks like you’re going to fight in close quarters.

DAMNIT!, had to reupload some images to imageshack instead of filesmelt, filesmelt has been acting weird…
On the circunstances maybe I’ll post tomorrow… I don’t see too many answers for today, and I have jut 15 minutes left for today…

Spas 12 …

All right, expect the next part by tomorrow, if nothing changes and magicly there isn’t 4 votes for the MP5K by tomorrow it will be the spas 12


I go with spas. (like it matters.) But fyi the mp5 is used for close quarters areas and not for long range… Just fyi.

That Comic died fast

Dead?, I just don’t have time, why do you think is dead?
In fact, Im starting Gmod right now to keep the comic alive :slight_smile:


There, it’s not dead.

I tought its dead

Keep searching.