Forgotten nostalgic Garry's Mod series.


I just caught a thought today, thinking back on the old good Garry’s Mod videos like “Gmod idiot box” & “100 ways to die”, but there was one video I couldn’t find.

I remember barney was a detective for the mayor in rp_hometown1999, and they were gonna chase a murderer or something.

I dont know the name of the series or anything, just small memories of the actual scenes.

And one line I laughed my arse off was.
“Mr. Mayor it burns when I pee.”

Please help me, im losing my mind.

I believe it was called “Dirty Garry”. And if I recall correctly, it was done by Xanatos.

You’re my god.

These kind of movies were my jam when I was a lad, all the classic series. I’m surprised that I remembered this one so quickly, to boot.

Im having a blast by watching all these videos, I can remember how little I was and how good it looked back then.

I just couldn’t remember the name of “Dirty Garry” searched all over Youtube.