Forgotten Thoughts.

  • Please… I have a family.*

  • So did I…*

Note: I do realize the man in the second picture should have a bullet hole, but I just couldn’t get it right. If you wish to edit it, please go ahead.

Work on the smoke coming out of that gun he’s holding. It looks really bad.

It completely lacks focus, don’t SDof all over the picture. Try posing more realistically, also.

First pic is really confusing. You have so much space on the left, so choose another camera angle and take a pic where you can see that a citizen is standing aganist the wall and metrocop is aiming at him, that way we can see what’s happening. I couldn’t understand wtf just happened until I found (by accident) a pistol on the right.
Second pic. Again, you have so much space wasted on the sides, why don’t move the camera angle so the metrocop will be on the right and closer to citizen and citizen will be closer to the camera as well (with a hole in his head and blood on the wall).
Also work on the smoke. Make it more blurry.
Good luck!
One more thing:
Metrocop doesn’t really need that stick he hits people with (don’t know how it’s called in English), pistol only looks o’kay.
Again, because you have so much space wasted on sides, it took me a while to figure out that it’s actually a stick, not another pistol. Work on that…