Forklift Maps

Hi guys im gumby, me and leaf are working on some content for s&box. We don’t have an official name for the gamemode yet but I’ve been referring to it as forklift uncertified, per suggestion by a friend. The past day or two I’ve taken on the role of mapper, heres some super secret deets.

the gamemode will be team-based or maybe battle royale, with the goal being to flip over all of the enemy forklifts.

This is the smaller of two maps. there’s lots of physics boxes to move, and large areas for getting swarmed by your opponents. This one is geared for the battle royale game, as i’ve yet to add two spawning areas for each team. its probably best for 4-12 players or something, we will have to test it.

here is the bigger map. it’s for like, uhhh 30 players. also i almost forgot to mention that everything is pretty huge because im imagining a 3rd person camera for vehicles not working out too well for most normal scale maps.

Here’s a player view for scale. I’ll be adding this kind of box thing to the other map too, and hopefully ill have some names for the maps soon haha

so yeah thats the tea, this gamemode bouta be snatched!!

Oh and if you like my maps theres more at lol


Awesome work gumby

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The reviews listed on the website got me :joy:
Nice work though!

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Love the look and layout of these maps, I’ve been watching the progress in the discord and they seem to be coming along well!

(i also like the website it is very cool)

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gj gumby

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This looks fun. May want to try it when the game releases :upside_down_face:

The name should definitely be forklift certified.

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Love the layout so far, has some good flow and I could see it being a really fun map to play on.

Yooooo Gumby! These look really good!