Formation/Squad thing tool

I’m gonna keep it short and hopefully simple.

What I’m basically asking for is a tool that I can set a bunch of NPC’s (e.g. rebels, metrocops, a bunch of fucking klieners, etc) into a shape (circle/square/triangle as our base shapes?) and set them waypoints, so that they STAY in that shape and follow the waypoints. Basically, it’s marching.

It may have to be put into two tools, but that’s probably alright I guess.

It should feature;

-Left click: Select NPC’s (this will ghost them if selected)

After doing your left clicking:

Options: Shape, Run/Walk, and ignore enemies/shoot enemies (if shoot, then they basically get disabled from their formation. If ignore, enemies should also ignore them too), Name (type a name for the formation here)

-Right click: Place down (auto-welded so it should be able to be stuck to a wall or something) formation squad (this will present a ghosted ragdoll-like bunch, you place them in the spot you want and all NPC’s within that formation will teleport to the spot you want, in the shape you want), right-clicking this will edit squad options. Holding out your physgun will show the squad names above them.

-Reload: Cancel

Next tool: Formation Waypoint

Left Click: Basically, place down waypoints. These have little circles or something with lines that connect to the next waypoint (this is for seeing where the mistakes are) and can be moved.

If I want the waypoints to loop, they look like this:
If I want the waypoints to follow a set line, they are:

Waypoints are moveable & removeable.

This wasn’t much of an effort thread, but everytime I try, you people ignore. You just want some simple request like a crowbar that shoots kliener ragdolls at 50km/h :v: