Formula One Submarine (Stratic + Zeos')

So we got the map gm_buildersworld_final. It’s pretty good. It has a few build rooms, a go-kart course, wind tunnel and a battlebots arena. It also has a water tunnel that travels from one pool to another with some turns and a vertical shaft.

Stratic thinks a submarine is an order. He quits his current F1 project to help design the body while I get to work on some of the mechanics. After 2 hours what he had was hideous and we knew it. My work was designed to be flexible to whatever design he decided on and thinking about building another sub body from scratch wasn’t really going to happen. Then it hit us. Formula-1 Submarine. He hadn’t finished the body yet so I took some measurements and fabbed up all the mechanicals to fit perfectly.

He took the 2 nights to finish the body and I got the mechanicals to float and handle as well as I could have hoped. We put it all together dropped it in the water… Server Crash. Not sure why but when underwater physgunning the sub would crash the server (5 server crashes!). So we tried it again tonight after I repaired some of the parented stuff. Luckily no crashing! (until the end - see video)

The mechanicals are powered by two opposing E2 apply force gears and dual weld latch transmissions. Avoiding any 90 degree gears I simply ballsocketed to the exposed drive-shafts. The gears guarantee the props spin at the same speed going forward and reverse since the propellers were mirrored (pia!).

The wire weight ballast system is very similar to the one from my original submersibles tutorial. Found Here.
Only notable difference is the E2 modifies the front and rear weight by multiplying the rear by 1.35

Here are the video bits I recorded while building.


Comments and Questions below.

Oh my god its awesome! And my guess in the WIP thread was correct!

I think it would be better just as a car…

though I like the props

Zeos can’t build anything without at least 3 gears and one driveshaft…I wish that worked in gmod well, but it doesn’t seem to…
Still it’s awesome. I was going with that as my second guess actually, a submersible car. I like it very much. Rated Artistic

Ooh, prettyful. It’s an F1 car-marine though; where’s the speed?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I only see 2 gears in the sub.

Epic submarine-F1-doohickey ya got Thar Zeos.

That looks like one shitload of props, you should build more effeciently.
Looks good though.

It’s also a submarine.

It looks quite ugly without proper materials. Other than that I like it. Kind of an original idea.

that is weird but insanely cool

Liking the default colours.

That is amazing that you actually got it to work with that many props. Kudos to you, my machine couldn’t handle that. Good looking body.

many people say this
how shitty computers do people have?

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I must admit this is the most gorgeous mostly-default-skinned thing I’ve ever seen.

holy shit :byodood:

My apologies for the offensive amount of props, but I actually wanted it to look like an F1 car. I don’t care how many props I use as long as it looks how I want it to.

Good on ya.

Well, that’s your choice. But you can make it look good and exactly how you want it without spending a crapload of props.

Nothing wrong with that.

I’ll build whatever I want and use as many props that I feel like. Fuck everyone else, I build for me.

Apparently he can’t :colbert:

I tried to stay minimalistic on my helix. I think it came out to 250 something props