Formula One Version 2 VMF Release. (Audio84)

Formula One Version 2.1 for Gmod10

The Footage

It’s been a while since I’ve worked on the F1 project, but to be honest I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t had time to think. But after all of your great comments about the Version 1, and the constant reminders about how the Version 2 is coming along, I decided to get stuck in and to finish it once and for all.

To improve the pack, I’ve been looking at all of you’re comments on what should be changed/added, and I’ve tried my best to include everything you guys said. Someone came up with the idea of exhaust pops, others came up with the idea of a steering wheel being included, so I’ve added them all… but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep on thinking of ideas, I could always release an update :).

The new features are great, and there’s a big list of them (shown below). Thankfully, due to the release of V2.1, you’re able to play with this online with little impact with lag online! I wanted to include a race track in with the pack, but failed to do so with my lack of knowledge on map making. Still, if anyone wants to make one for the pack, that’ll be fantastic!

All in all, it’s been a worthy bit of building. Just nice to see it finished and ready to roll :).

**New Features in Version 2 (Changes in 2.1 are highlighted in



 - New Driving Camera Angle

 - Fixed Bug - Other players would appear invisible on entering the car

 - Reduced Lag - By over 70%!

With thanks to Neoshock2k!!

 - New Colour Scheme

  • New Vehicle Shape
  • New In-Car Sounds
  • New Damage System
  • New Distant Car Sounds
  • New Rear Rain Light
  • New Spinning Wheels
  • New Effects, including Exhaust Pops and Locking Wheel Smoke
  • New Handling & Vehicle Script
  • New Colours


The Shots

The Shapes

The Shades


W - Accelerate
S - Brake/Reverse
**A **- Turn Left
D - Turn Right
Left Click - Rev Engine
Right Click - Pit Speed Limiter (Hold to drive at Pit Speeds. No acceleration needed.)
To turn on the rain light, go to the back of the car and press E on the rear wing. The rain light should turn on. Press E again to disable.

If you spawn an external camera looking at the car, and rev the engine (or break at high speed), you can see the exhaust pop. Also, if you drive away from the camera, the distant F1 sounds kick in.


Right, there’s no doubt that there will be people asking how to install this, so I’ll make it plain and clear here :smiley:

1. You need the VMF Suite from the Forums. This enables you to spawn the cars.
2. Extract the zip to the main Garrysmod folder. The Garrysmod/Garrysmod one.
3. Play! Remember, this is only for Gmod10!

Driving Tip!
Remember, as most car enthusiasts know, when coming to a corner:
- Brake
- Turn
- Accelerate Out of the Corner.
If you accelerate in the corner just after braking, the back end may slip, so watch yourself.

Known Issues

  • Back wheels tend to drag behind a little due to the speed.
  • Using the handbrake disables some of the cars features (stability, pit speed limiter, etc). Avoid the Handbrake for now.
  • If the car plays distant sounds and not in-car sounds, try defragmenting your Gmod10 folder. This could fix other small errors.

Don’t forget to comment on any other bugs you find!

Once again though, thanks for all of your comments on both versions. I might not be making so much on gmod at present, mainly because of University… although BassVirus and I have still got a few aces up our sleves! But anyway, as you may well know by now, comments always welcome :slight_smile:


Yes Yes Yes you legend! Awesome! launching Gmod right now!

Finally! i love you.

Godlike. We’ve been waiting for so long. Incredible. I can’t wait to drive… Gotta go download.

ahahah BEYOND godlike

You’ve tried it Mitchell? :smiley:

I can’t do anything else but to clap my hands. Truly amazing.

Yes i have :smiley: it is holy shit fast and handling oh my god. I only made a rope track on flatgrass though

If you stick a camera looking at the car, and rev the engine (or break at high speed), you can see the exhausts pop :slight_smile:

Must resist urge to… attach weapons and go hit-and-running!!!

Hm, seems like a really good idea. :smiley:

Um help please what VMF do I use? please tell me!

What do you mean?

I use VMF suite but It won’t read it :frowning:

Should do? Make sure you follow the steps above.

I don’t have a plain vmf file in my garrysmod/garrysmod
Is that a problem?

Just… extract it to your garrysmod/garrysmod folder like it says, should all be alright then.

alright but If it doesn’t work I 'll be back here Oh and I edited the quote to be spelled the right way.

If it doesn’t work, download the latest VMF Suite. I’ve tried it and it works for me, and works for Mitchell aswell.

** I CAME **