Fornax issue 2

Trying out my editing skills, wich is slim to none at the giving time.
Have in mind im a pretty noobish at this. Mostly trail and error atm

So CC please kind ppl :slight_smile:

Yes i know i fucked up the feet a bit :frowning:


o_O Yeah…


It’s funny, I’m seeing my port being used in all these silly things.

Posing looks a little off and her feet are more jagged than a bread knife. Otherwise, it’s all right. I have to admit though, I was half expecting a Hanar in a provocative position.

Also, whats with your avatar?

Thank god a acutal reply lol … :slight_smile:

Tbh that was my first thought to do but the hanar ragdoll is not ehh “Poseable enough” hehe,

Yeah did the pic mostly just to learn photoshop really…

avatar dunno, whats with it ?

isolation is pretty bad, i mean you can see some erase marks and parts of her body is like transparent

Indeed. One day we will have a pose-able Hanar though.
Wait. No. That’s bad. I can already imagine the influx of tentacle porn we’ll get.

The edit looks pretty clean, so bravo on that.

I don’t know its just… Strange. For some reason it makes me think of Splicers from Bioshock and the tournament gyms from Pokemon.

You are making it sound like a bad thing hahah

And thanks …

Well um …

Its a nice port :slight_smile:

Thank you :v: