Forsaken Station (Taking Suggestions)

I’m working on a Space Station map (originally for TTT, but I might make a version for RP or something), called the Forsaken Station.

As the name implies, the station is gonna be a complete shithole (by super-advanced space station standards, anyway) after being bombarded by meteors and whatnot.

This is what I’ve got so far:

This is an inside view of the Bridge. Pretty empty right now. (Don’t mind the black spot on the airlock, that’s because of the shitty lighting.)

Alternate view of the Bridge interior, with the airlock open (unfinished; there’s gonna be another room on the other side, eventually).

Here’s an exterior view of the Bridge.

The Skybox was made by [-B-] on FPSBanana. I may change it later, though.

So right now, I’d appreciate some suggestions.
*-What should the next room over be?
-Should I change some textures?
-Got a better skybox I can use?
-Should I redo the lights?

Here are a few features I have planned:
(For TTT) -A wall in one of the rooms that can be blown open to suck everybody in the room out into space.
(For TTT) -Acid flood in the generator room.
(For TTT) -Reactor Core that can be overloaded to completely destroy a large chunk of the ship.
(For TTT) -Lights that can be shot out, or turned off if the generator is destroyed.
(For RP) -Completely furnished Crew Cabins, Mess Hall, Armory, and Medbay.
(For TTT/RP) -trigger_hurts outside of the ship (in empty space) to quickly kill anybody who’s dumb enough to go outside of the ship.
(For TTT/RP) -Leaks in the ship’s hull which “drain” the “oxygen” to various parts of the ship (more trigger_hurt action)

Looking good my friend. Give it a little more spooky feel though.

You should bring out the contrast by adding more lights and more dark spots.

It’s supposed to be kinda dark, since the station’s been pretty much abandoned, and nobody takes care of it.
(Plus, in TTT they’re gonna get shot out anyway.)

Edit: I totally read that the first time as “Give it a little more light, though.”
I’ll add to the spooky factor eventually. For now, I just want to make it functional.

This look awesome, in the first photo it would be cool to have some kind of sphere projection of an image or something in the middle… idk