Beautifully eerie, though I found the antlion grubs a little distracting considering the mythological tone.

Nicely made. The tower inside the cavern makes it really stand out. Good work.

Fantastic as always, Mask.


a bit grey but still great

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i’m curious as always, how did you do the dust hovering near the ground?

it’s the “Particle System Tester”
i spawned the “Smoke_Dog_V_Strider_Dropship” as a soda-can and since you can rotate
the Particle effect and determine in whch direction the smoke plum shall go, i placed it
slightly offscreen so the end of the smoke is reaching the actual pic slightly above the ground.
used two of those.

Beautiful work as always!

Was about to ask why this was getting rated dumb until I realized that this was posted a while ago. Guess that kinda explains.

Also, people don’t really like it when other posters bump really old threads without bringing in something that’s worthy of mentioning, so you’re going to want to do them and yourself a favor and avoid that.

looks damn nice

Not much to look at, dark and creepy which is good, lighting little alright with theme.


Fuck why did you bump it again then?

Atleast it’s a TheMask picture.

Very excellent atmosphere :slight_smile: