Forseti - Automated Server Administration - Round Two

It’s been a while since I posted about Forseti, and that was for field testing the project. This time I’ve rewritten everything and tested it on a small scale, but not having kept up with Garry’s Mod or the community, I find it hard to do the Gmod-specific programming. The learning algorithm has been rewritten and polished to the point where I can’t see any ways to improve it without actually testing it on a massive scale. Unfortunately I am unable to do that because I have no access to any popular Gmod servers, nor do I have the knowledge of the community to know what would actually be important for Forseti to focus on.

Let me explain. Forseti is designed to use gauges written in Lua. These gauges are meant as a way of quantifying player behavior and condensing it into a single floating point value. This could be the time spent on a server, the words written per minute, distance travelled, props spawned, anything. If you can quantify it, Forseti can use it as a means of tracking down bad behavior.

There’s more to this than I could hope to explain in a thread like this so please visit these links and ask any questions you may have.

Project page

As far as threads go, I know this is horribly structured, but presentations have never been my strong side, and for that I apologize.

As much as I appreciate the positive ratings, I’m still looking for people with servers who would like to test out Forseti and help make useful gauges :v:

Is there a way to download it without Git?

Click “Source Tree”:

Then just click it and click ‘Download Raw Data’

The ones with a “d” at the end are the debug libraries. I don’t know why you’d want those, but they’re there if you do.

Download by clicking this link:

Im sure if you made it more clear what this is on the OP. People would use it. After viewing this morning I was I over looked it, but couple hours later I decided to come back and read up on this. Try including what this is for in a understandable manner.
As for me I will try testing this out later today.

Well, it’s a neural network really. But it’s set up in a way that applying it to Garry’s Mod is really simple. The purpose of this thread is - more than anything - to find either developers or server administrators who are interested in the concept. It still needs work, but I can’t finish it without talking to the owner of a server, and someone helping me write the actual measurement stuff.

I’ve tried to outline the basics of the concept here:

I’d like to test this, but I don’t know what everything must contain, does the gauge only contain the things listed in the example? I think I understood everything except the Measure function, is that available to all gauge scripts? Or is it a sort of “help variable” so that forseti can interpret the time properly? (in the example)

The Measure function is the most important functions of any gauge, it is the one that is called when data needs to be recovered from a player.

Gauges was the best way I could think of, that would handle the wide range of data that is connected with a player in a way that was easy to extend and debug.

Does forseti also interpret data that’s not stored in a gauge? Like what kills the player did to what player / NPC.

No. Interfacing a module with stuff like that is really bothersome as every call has to go through Lua, so doing it that way is just not worth it. Hardcoding any gauges into Forseti would also be a pretty bad idea seeing as different servers require different gauges.

When I get my computer back I’ll ask a server owner I k ow to put this on it.

I got a server running. I can let you test it on there.

Leiftiger just installed this on his server, but the module fails to load, is this happening for anyone else?

If you’re up for testing this out, feel free to contact me on Steam!

It’s also happening on my server.

That’s really weird. Do you have any idea what might be the cause?

Error: At least one module has an unresolved import due to a missing export function in an implicitly dependent module.
Error: Modules with different CPU types were found.

It looks like the precompiled binary doesn’t support 64-bit Windows.

I might try your admin system. Im trying to add you on Steam. If you dont see an invite, add me instead (plokmijn7)

It’s really strange because I have 64 bit windows and it’s working for me.

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Seems I forgot to remove the additional dependencies.

Try this one: