Fort83 Compliation

All the poses I can find that I have done over the years. Lets see how much I have improved.

September 10th 2006 Jack & Higgins short comic:
September 19th 2006 Zombies attack outpost:
January 6th 2008 “Get To The Gate Now”:
January 20th 2008 Distracting a metrocop:
January 26th 2008 “Assassin Fights Back”:
March 14th 2008 "Roasting Crab-mellows & Asleep At the watch:
April 27th 2008 “What the hell are you looking at?!”:
June 23rd 2008 One Last Charge:
August 2nd 2008 “Citizen Stop!”, “WTF”, “Breach and Clear”:
September 10th 2008 “Do you know who ate all the doughnuts?”:
November 8th 2008 Opposing Force style poses:
November 8th 2008 “Where’s Freeman!”:
December 3rd 2008 Star Wars:
April 13th 2009 Lone Traveler:
April 21st 2009: Taking down a boomer:
July 29th 2009 Guy Blowing up a police car with an RPG:
October 10th 2009 Bald Guy shooting someone offscreen:
October 12th 2009 Cowboy Fort83:
October 13th 2009 Reflectant’s picture edit:

The Cameraman
It’s alittle cold out tonight eh?
dog vs birds 1
dog vs birds 2
Beach with trash
Fort83 Boderlands background
Good boy
Facepunch Weekly
Ryzo’s Birthday post
You have just been prod’d bitch!
Reporter in Iraq escorted by two PMCs

Comment people!


Some of the earlier poses are shitty, :S, but you got better.

COG pile was the only one i found good.

Lol Reflectent ain’t that usually how it happens :P. ye I love the COG one.

That Star Wars one was epic.

Thread has been updated!

Earlier poses made me lol because they weren’t the best.

Later poses made me lol because they have a good sense in humor.

GJ SIR! hav a hart :3:

It’s really nice to see the transition from when you first started posing to now, you’ve become a lot better.

Nice Fort.
Birthday pics :love:

Thanks guys :smiley: and nice avatar ryzo :stuck_out_tongue:

Update #2

Update # 3!!

Update #4!
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Overall, your skills have improved. I think you should take another crack at that Star Wars space battle. There aren’t a lot of Airforce/ Space themed pictures here.

There is improvement no doubt. The Bang picture made me laugh.