Fort83 Personal Skin

everything Rusty


Tell me what ya think!

Pretty funny

Who rated me dumb… -_-

Probably the same person that rated dumb again :S
Anyway nice personal skin :slight_smile:

I have that shirt :smiley:

Nice work
And that looks like the Citizen_Cheaple face :smiley:

It is! Rusty Remade that face to what it is now :smiley:

Yeah, but you didn’t make it.

I never said I did. Rusty did everything.

You should learn how to skin for yourself. It’s a valuable skill.

Skinning is kind of easy, but hexing is hard… For me. :c

Anyway looks good, I like it. But I agree with Big Ass, you should learn how to skin yourself.

But hexing is the easy part D:

Well I’m still learning, I’m still having trouble with my skin! D;

I can skin somewhat, if you haven’t seen I started on the Personal Skin Picture frames. I was gonna do this myself yes, i asked Rusty if i could use the head which he said yes, and I asked him about helping me out with doing the shirt, then he ended up doing the whole thing, I was in the midst of trying to skin my own. I owe alot to him for going beyond for me.

what can you use to skin exactly? Photoshop?

Yeah, but I use Paint Shop Pro.