FortCarnage - The realistic Fort Wars!


Fort Carnage is still in it's beta stage, and still being tested.


If you would like to join and visit the FortCarnage Community public steam group:

Fort Carnage is extensive. Meaning you can easily edit it to your liking so you will be able to edit things out that you don’t like, or you may add things to suit your likings.

There are two teams, Blue and Red. The team that makes a fort with good offense and defense will win. Cheating will not be acceptable. On each server you should have atleast two admins in the game (must be playing). Both teams must be even. The only way a team can get the upper-hand is by either, having a good player, or having a better fort.

Staff List:
Exilerate/GigaBite - Mapper / Manager
Kalik 911 - LUA Scripter / Idealist


  • Prop Protection between teams.
  • 7 minute timelimit to build your fort.
  • Custom FC maps.
  • All props are destroyable (1000hp).
  • A great simple, prop menu.
  • Team Balancing System. (TBS)

Useable Weapons:
You start with just a few weapons such as:

  • Crowbar
  • SMG
  • Physgun
  • Physcannon

fc_funday_v1 outline:


Fort Carnage is not up for download currently.

Sweet. Looking forward to it.

Thanks. I hope I can get it done quickly, I have a lot of other things.

I will probably be busy making maps for Gleak’s Prison RP with IniX.
I need help with making a prop menu with model icons ;/.

I kin do that.

I need help with making a prop menu with model icons ;/. <= This

So you spawn props in order for the other team to destroy them? So really, the winners are the team with the most props and the most people…?

It doesn’t really seem that appealing to be honest.

Why is it realistic?

for other’s that are curious:

I actually wanted to know if it applied too.

I think he means real as in, it is like the old fortwars with no gamemode. Where you can build anything.

Thanks, that’s what I meant :).

But why is it realistic?

Realist as in, making a fort like you did as a kid, then destroying it…

Anyway, I will get screenshots very soon, but currently I am not the far.

That’s not realistic.

I didn’t make this thread to argue with people, especially you.
I don’t care what your perspective on “realistic” is.

I’ll get to work tomorrow, but first I have some issues in my code’s (these codes will proved handy for this, and the experience will be good too.)

So yea.

EDIT: Also, quick question, how do we want the hud to look? I’m asking the people reading this and anyone else. I have ideas, but I’m thinking simple is good.

Ahh, the planning is going well, a few misunderstandings, but it’s all solved now.


I need help deciding why this doesn’t look right to me. Something is… off. It does work for all the resolutions, but it’s not … right. Suggestions?

I dont really like the health bar. Also, the Yellow and Blue dont match.

Working on it right now, gonna make it reallly simple. Will Edit soon.


Awesome, good job Kalik.

I have fc_funday_v1 finished :).

Man I can’t believe that it took me like 2 hours to get the first one working ( not even fully) and it just led to this. Sad. But ok.
The green also changes color with the lower health that you have, so it turns red.