Fortify - 3D base designer

Thought it was past time to share this on here. Any ideas/feedback would be great or show off what you’ve made.
Visit for lots of base designs and more info.

Fortify 1.54 Update

Had to put off the steam version to get frame parts in.
Don’t forget to checkout the guide:





  • added wall and floor frame

  • added hatch and metal double door

  • adjusted colliders to help with double wall building

  • added lots of new materials for placeables

  • added panel for displaying/saving door codes, can only add codes in edit mode

  • added new frame parts to resource count, along with shelves

  • hide floor mode now shows floor number, added tab button under arrows to jump to 1st floor

  • set target frame rate to 60

  • roof collider changed for more intersecting placements and disabled side wall placement

  • large furnace collider height reduced

  • reduced small furnace collider radius

  • fixed doorway collider issue when placing adjacent

  • disabled all shortcuts while using save input

  • changed lighting settings

Very Nice :slight_smile: Good to see people writing tools like this in spite of Rust being a fast moving target.

Thanks! Fast moving indeed, the day after I posted 1.5, the pillar change happened.

Here’s a more informative video for new fortify users.

Better update that pillar placement!

Outdated third party software! :wink:

Just released 1.52.

This is awesome!

Great job!!

1.53 Preview

Snapping structures!:

Added tiers finally.

Finally got 1.53 released and Fortify has been greenlit on steam! Thank you to all the people who voted and made it happen.

@pfergus Nice work! :godzing:

I love this! <3

Decided to take a break from coding to add some new materials and improve the lighting.

Brilliant, lots of my players use it and ive seen a big difference in player base designs lately.

It is honestly such an awesome tool.

Thanks guys! Version 1.54 was just released (frame parts). Check out the top post for more info.

Had to share this great video that KCmo made. It has a fortify design time lapse at 5:33.

After many requests I’ve finally added stability! One of the new features for the upcoming steam version.