FortisRP Semi-serious PERP


Ah this is useful! I started playing PERP today, but it was relatively underpopulated and boring, seems like this has more people. I’ll check it out.

Seems like a nice community, joining.

“Given by Hunts” => Fake.
1/ You use an old version.
2/Hunts don’t give his code anymore exept to venom’s communiy.

Hunts didn’t have any “developers” except himself for the old original perp, so please, keep your bullshit for yourself.

1.) Hunts had one or two more developers who were given a copy of the original PERP. Hop off.

2.) Umad? Everything that you don’t find fitting seems like bullshit to you.

Phaze and Ephinephine or whatever were the developers, Hunts isn’t around anymore so he keeps making mistakes.

Hope your server will be closed like all illegals PERP servers.

Yeah, no, not really, nobody has ever gotten an original perp copy from Hunts himself. I’m close enough to Hunts to know.

I bet if someone did offer you $100 you’d give them admin!

Anyways, on topic. Looks alright, all you need is a good domain to top it off :slight_smile:

Darth? If you were close enough to Hunts, everybody here would know. I highly doubt you even have spoken or been in the same server with him.

He was a admin at Pulsar Effect and ran a community which had permission to host GMR shortly after Pulsar Effect died.

Disregarding the obviously leaked gamemode (requesting lock), this looks like complete shit anyway.

U mad, OP? Yeah U mad.

Also: Don’t bash Darth, he knows his shit.

I’m one of the 43 people on his friends list if you would have checked, thank you. I was there on the beta testing of perp 2.5 and he shared his ideas for a new gamemode he was working on which never got released. He authorized my community to run GMR and we were even thinking of getting GMP and TF2TD, but that was right after PE died and we didn’t want to attract that kind of attention.

Emergency Troll Alert! wee woo wee woo…

Looks like a nice server, i’ll stop by sometime to say hi :slight_smile:

I don’t believe it. Even if you were, you probably licked his ass just to be on his friends list the way you act.

Lol, how ignorant can you be?
OH yes, ignorant and stupid enough to run a PERP server these days. And call it legit.

U mad, griffen? Seems so.

lol its griffen

I’m not being ignorant, it’s called growing some pubes and exploring GMod. Hunts is a flamer, and so are you, to be quite honest. Carry off with your petty bullshit, please.

lolknallex gtfo