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UPDATE: Open Beta is now Live.
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Greetings loved ones!

Some of you might have heard of the gamemode Fortress Survival (FS) for Garry’s Mod, others might just know the Warcraft III mod with the very same name.
FS is a gamemode that was originally created by LouFang for Garry’s Mod. Unfortunately this man has vanished from the entire planet, if not universe. His code was never released, but the concepts and the fun experienced in his work remained with many fans. I for myself was a fan and figured I would be capable in successfully putting the concept of FS to a whole new level, taking the best parts of the original gamemode in the development process and adding a ton of improvements.

Introducing the Dome Server
A total new and fresh feature in Fortress Survival is the Dome Server. This is a place where no matches are played, but you will be able to queue for matches. Shopkeepers have taken their place in the Dome to make a good coin by selling their wares to the players. Another NPC who has moved into the dome is the MatchMaker. You can no longer directly join a Match from the Serverlist, instead you will always connect to the Dome Server where you may talk to the MatchMaker to enter the battle. If there’s a high demand of players wanting to play, you will be placed in the queue. When a Match has ended, players are automatically redirected to the Dome Server, giving queued players a chance for glory in the ever on-going battle against the living dead. For this Open Beta we will feature about 2-3 Match Servers which each can hold about 18 players. There will be one Dome Server for this Open Beta which can hold 50 players.

Open Beta Features

Shopkeepers are found in the Dome and each Shopkeeper sells different kinds of items. There will be one who sells Equipment, one specialized in the art of Potions, one with the expertise of unlockable Props, and “much more”

Players and Enemies can have auras on them, referred to as “Buffs”. Every buff has an effect on the target, which can last until cancelled, or when the time runs out. That’s right, some buffs are only active for a limited time, whereas there are “passive” buffs that have no time-limit. Your buffs are displayed on your HUD and you can hover over them with your mouse for more information.

You will be able to obtain Items from various sources. Everytime you help killing an enemy you have a chance to obtain an item, every item has a drop chance (%) which is based on the rarity of the item. Another way of obtaining items is by spending your well-earnt gold at a shopkeeper in the Dome.

A muddy boot? A rotten glove? You can obtain different pieces of equipment and, ofcourse, equip these. Gearpieces can boost your stats, such as Health, Damage, Jumping power and the rest you will find out yourselves!

When there’s items, you will need a place to keep them save, right? That’s where your inventory comes in handy. Initially you will be able to carry 20 items in your inventory. No worries though, as you progress in level and earn gold pieces you will have the ability to permanently upgrade your inventory, increasing the amount of items you can carry.

Match Statistics
At the end of every match you will be presented the statistics of that match. Who… has dealt the most damage? …healed the most wounds? …died the most? It’s all there.

The closed beta didn’t have all classes available for play, this changes with the Open beta: all classes (see what classes are available on the Homepage > Game Guide) are available for play and ready to be tested.

Player Profiles
You can view your own Equipment at any time by pressing F3. You can inspect another player’s equipment as well, simply target them and press the ‘USE’ key (Default: E).

Collecting [Beta Tickets]
Every match you actively play during the Open Beta you will receive a Beta Ticket. You can purchase special, rare items with these Tickets in the Live Version of Fortress Survival, then these tickets will no longer be obtainable.


Your Feedback is crucial
Sure you love to play and try out Fortress Survival. But what do you do when you’ve encountered a bug? You report it! Whenever you encounter a bug we encourage players to report this bug on the Forums as quickly as they can. This will help us solve the issue as swiftly as we can. Active contributors on the forums can expect to be rewarded additional** [Beta Ticket]**s

See you online!
We’ll be working on Fortress Survival intensively during the Open Beta. We thank you for your interest and feel free to create a topic about FS, we love reading about your enthusiasm!
Connect to: in Garry’s Mod.

A Fan-made Video

Direct link to the Open Beta topic on the Fortress Survival forums:

Kind Regards,


Money or get out

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AKA no one will dedicate their time to a project without getting paid if they’re serious

Those with interest will seek to contact me; there should be a certain passion for a project if one is to put time in it, money or not. Like I said, those who are passionate I hope to meet.

Money can be talked about. Passion comes first.

This looks promising. Good luck.

Looks cool, i’ll try it out sometime.

Great - now GMOD started becoming WOGMOD (World Of Garry’s MOD ).

Some concepts -are- derived from a gamemode from Warcraft 3, as you have read in the first post :).

Though it’s nowhere near the goals or gameplay of World of Warcraft. You might recognize some “similar” UI elements, but to make such a comparison is like saying this is like DarkRP, and Capture the Flag, and Pokémon. <3

The icons are the exact same as in World of Warcraft.

Rated dumb.

I used to love this game mode way back when, nice to see someone reviving it.

You, sir, are an idiot.

I was talking about this line:
“You might recognize some “similar” UI elements, but to make such a comparison is like saying this is like DarkRP”

It has exactly the same icons as World of Warcraft, thus, it is not an outrageous comparison.

Rated dumb.

Rated dumb cause your annoying idiot.

  • UI elements are similar to those in WoW + These icons are the same that are used in WoW.
    but still i think it would be awesome to have these kind of elements of RPG - now we only need skills for shooting, stats for increasing & guns for equipment for the UI.

If those icons were final, then why in the flying fuck would OP be asking for someone to make icons for him?

Are you really THAT stupid?

Furthermore, you’re going to mark off something as “wow-like” because of the ICONS it uses?

Dude, every MMO ever uses icons exactly like that. He has a leather vest in his game so suddenly it’s a wow clone?

how about you stop derailing the thread with your pissing about temporary icons? Thanks.

How about you CALM DOWN. I didn’t say it was BAD that the icons are from World of Warcraft. I simply said they WERE from world of warcraft.

Calm yo tits.

How about both of you stop fighting over WoW icons being used in another video game?

Anyway, looks nice.

How about you stop flamebaiting on all of the RP gamemode development threads.

Flamebaiting? Posting that there’s world of warcraft icons is flamebaiting?

Wow - you all talk only about that - there other UI elements that are close to the Warcraft/World of Warcraft universe.

  • yeah - don’t know why, but lots of people like to use the icons W3 & WoW made. Actually, WoW icons are just modified W3 ones. Some are new, but most of them are just edit.
    Blizzard, you had fuckin’ failed.

note: now expecting admin to go rage on these comments & fuckin’ ban us for them “Flame wars” & lock the thread.

I would rather have the offtopic posts removed so the thread can still live on in peace. Where’s tha love? Anyways, thanks for the (positive) feedback!

I like the idea alot, I hope you’ll be able to finish the gamemode Claiver!

The icons has been taken care of. I myself dedicated time to this project, doing icons for the gamemode.