Fortress Survival

Fortress Survival

This is a Gamemode I’ve wanted to make since I played Fortress Survival on W3, and I finally decided to make it. By now it’s hosted on my public server. I will release it later for download.

The Gamemode’s gameplay is quite simple: build a fortress with your team and then defend the core from npc’s attacks. Of course the Gamemode is way more complex than this, everything will be explained in this thread.

Build Phase
At the beginning of each round you’ll have 5 minutes to build a fortress. Each player will dispose of 5000 credits to spend buying props or special items like repair bots or turrets. Different props will have a different credits cost but different HP as well. Depending by the map, it will be necessary to build different kind of fortresses.

Fight Phase
During the fight phase you’ll have to defend the core from npc’s attacks. Npcs may be any king of existing npc, depending by the map and the chosen difficulty. Those npc won’t simply deal damage by hitting you, they’ll constantly deal damage in a certain radius (again, depending by the map and the chosen difficulty), damaging players and barricades. In your help will come Repair Bots, which you must place during the build phase, which will constantly heal barricades. As time passes, enemies will deal more damage and become harder to kill. To counterback this, players will be able to upgrade barricades and repair bots (and also any other placed entity) up to level 10, making them more effective. To upgrade them, you need Upgrade Credits, which you’ll get by killing enemies (or healing playes, as explained below). At certain times, again depending by map and difficulty, bosses with adds (minibosses) will appear. Also, occasional random events (like meteor showers or sudden night) may show up, making every round different from any other one.

To make up a good team, every player will be able to choose a class. There are 8 available classes which are:
[/li][li]Heavy Weapons;
Each class will get upgrade credits from killing except from the medic, which will get credits from healing as well.

[ul]Gunners will deal 100% weapon damage, dealing +1% damage from each kill the get without dying;
[li]Snipers, Shotgunners, and Heavy Weapons will respectively have Snipers, Shotguns and Rifles, dealing 135% weapon damage, and having a 35% chance to deal damage to npcs surrounding the target aswell;
[/li][li]Medics will be able to heal others and themselves, which is absolutely necessary to survive;
[/li][li]Sappers will be able to place and detonate powerful mines;
[/li][li]Pyros will dispose of a powerful flamethrower to burn down enemies;
[/li][li]Infectators will infect npcs, making them deal half their normal damage, and deal damage to surrounding enemies as well.[/ul]
[ul]Npcs deal AOE damage (blast damage in a certain radius), possibly hitting multiple barricades and players at once, making it challenging to fight them;
[li]8 unique classes with different gameplay;
[/li][li]Equipment system: find the rarest equipment to gain advantage over zombies;
[/li][li]Cash system: collect golds and buy special equipment;
[/li][li]Statistics system which saves data about players;
[/li][li]Achievements system;
[/li][li]Random events to make each round unique;
[/li][li]Bosses and random minibosses to add a bit more of challenge;
[/li][li]Credits system to prevent players spawning too many props or items;
[/li][li]Upgrade Credits system to let players upgrade every item they spawned (props and entities) during the fight phase;
[/li][li]Nice interface which informs player about round status;
[/li][li]Nice special effects and post processing;
[/li][li]HP bars above npcs and players;
[/li][li]An easy to use votekick to kick mingebags while admins are not there;
[/li][li]Repair Bots which can heal barricades and 6 different turrets to damage npcs;
[/li][li]Npcs getting stronger as time passes, to face the fact players will upgrade items (and to make it harder to survive as time passes);
[/li][li]As you deal damage, you get new weapons, which you wont get back if you die, making surviving essential to win;
[/li][li]Ammo are received every minute in amounts varying by the amount of players online and the time passed;
[/li][li]Addictive and immediate gameplay;
[/li][li]Many interesting maps which require different and challenging strategies;
[/li][li]Tons of fun (as testing demonstrated).[/ul]
Being done now
[ul]Check the steam group, it will contain all the news about the server and gamemode.[/ul]

What will come later
[ul]Again, check the steam group for news.[/ul]

Screenshots (old, adding some new ones soon)
Pyro in action

My Repair Bots are keeping me safe…for now…

Exploding some mines

Upgrading a Repair Bot

I’m almost dead

I won!! (cheating xD)

Just a screen of fs_docks

Official server
As of now, the server is in public beta. New content is added daily, so don’t expect to be get bored.

Server chat commands
[ul]!votemap - Start a votemap;
[li]!votekick - Start a votekick;
[/li][li]!voteclooter or !votecreditslooter - Start a vote for Credits Looter (loots your credits if you exceed 50).[/ul]
Server console commands and vars
[ul]fs_damages (0/1) - Toggle floating damages.[/ul]

Wow, this looks pretty cool, say if you need hosting.

Looks good. I will give it a shot.

Good luck with the gamemode. The solution to making NPCs deal damage to walls by AoE is inelegant, but I guess it could work.

The power of coincidence strikes deep, though. 5000 starting credits, eh? Don’t worry, that screenshot is from sometime last year. But keep in mind, you aren’t the first to do the mass-NPC defence gamemode, and you won’t be the last.

Hehe I guess I’m not. In fact, I was trying to remake the Fortress Survival Gamemode for Warcraft III on Garry’s Mod (this is why there are bosses in this gamemode)
The AoE damage is a bit inelegant but it adds difficulty making npcs hitting too near barricades. This way players can’t exploit the gamemode placing double or triple walls to slow down npcs. Also this way players are hit through barricades, letting me introduce the medic class.

Server is now open for public beta.

Some of the fire and explosion effects look weird. But it looks pretty nice.

Well I never focus too much on effect while on beta, i prefer to spend my time on more important questions :stuck_out_tongue:
They’ll be for sure improved after i fix the last bugs

Cool. Sounds like an upgraded Onslaught.

Mm…never heard of it (I usually don’t check out for gamemodes but make them myself). I’ll check out what it is :wink:

Alot of “dogfaces” in this thread…

Best mod ever!
When will be released? :slight_smile:

It burns my eyes! D;

Anyways, I think I might try this gamemode out. It started out seeming very similar to NoxTeamplay when I started reading it, but then I liked it overall towards the end with the randomized NPCattacks + bosses. ;D

I’m posting here just to keep the thread updated now. By now, the gamemode has changed A LOT. Equipment system, cash system, lots of gameplay addictions and more. I really had a busy time with the server, didn’t expect so many players all at once.
If you want to give this gamemode a shot, this is the right time to do it, hope you’ll be impressed by the amount of improvements and features which aren’t listed in the thread.
I’ll try anyway to update the main thread as soon as possible, so you’ll be able to see all the features without having to try it by yourself.

Could you post all the commands for the gamemode, like to start a votemap and how to assign a credit looter please.

Added both chat and console commands at bottom of the main thread.

The main gripe with this gamemode is eyecandy (some sort of improved HUD/derma) and the maps.

Maps are small, crammed and bland. And it’s just the same gameplay over and over again. Even with classes the repetitevenes seems to be prevailent.

I love this gamemode, I keep sending ideas ingame, maybe to many lol.

Also, the cave maps just suck, you can’t win. Theres to much open space.

So how long ago was that vampire gun added? I’ve got to say it’s easily my favorite weapon in the game <3

Of course, gameplay may be somehow repetitive for some players. It’s people who make it vary, ideating new cades and ways to play maps. Anyway classes combined with equipments make it way less repetitive. Still, it depends by your likes.

What’s you name in game? I don’t remember any RoboJesus. (I’ll be reading your suggestions asap)

It was about 3 days ago. I guess it’s doing its job then, since its purpose was to make medic exciting and enjoyable for everyone.