This is my first short parody on borderlands intro
Operator - inF
Actor (Scout/Solly/Heavy/Pyro) - Kater

Please rate and comment :smiley:

Well I wasn’t expecting much…

But when I saw it I was blown away. That was pretty goddamn great, loved the awesome use of the camera like the tracking shot of the bus and the vertical panning at the end.

I wanna see more from you man.

Was a lot better than I expected to see.

thx :smiley:

Pretty awesome, could cut down a bit on the effects though, im pretty sure there was quite a bit of unnesecary film grain in there. You have alot of potential, keep it up.

that was awsome, i watched the borderlands intro right afterward and it looks a lot the same.

i applaud you for using the borderlands bus, but…

the soldiers arm was bumping in and out of the seat…

you should have tried to make it like the intro where it doesnt just show their taunts, but made them do the same type of stuff they did in the intro… and i dont think the pyro would fit the girl… mayube someone else…

Was pretty good

Well for a first video, it was pretty damn good.

That was pretty good, but it would have a been a lot better if you actually synched the music to the bus driving past, like in the original intro. That part alone almost makes the whole intro awesome in Borderlands.

Spy would have been a good siren :slight_smile:

Also, very good camera work, especially on the second shot with the bus.