FortRP... need some help

Hey im making a gamemode for garrysmod and kinda didnt realise how much work it was gonna be, if anybody can help that would be great :smiley:

PM me :smiley:


… i need to add more xD

Ok so the main point of my making a gamemode is beacuse i would like to twist something like darkrp and fortress survival. (hint the title)

I wasnt intending on making that many teams cause there is gonna be no limit on people in each job, MAINLY because you kinda need to have someone to do different jobs to be able to survive.

I only have 1 menu at the moment and that serves as a help / job… things / and ad admin tab all in derma.

I dont know how to make NPC’s spawn (spawning controlled by admins) but each prop built by the players has to be able to take damage so that they will eventually be destroyed by fast zombies but normal zombies will not be able to damage props AS much.

I am going to be using mad weps for this gamemode.

… that is all :smiley:

Hahahahahahahahahahaha. No.

You’re barging in here:

“I started this gamemode by downloading darkrp but didn’t realise there’d be so many files and I frankly don’t know how to code Lua. Please finish my gamemode for me!”


Sorry, correction, you downloaded some random base and then proceeded to apply some of the tutorial code to it.
I was going to post the link to the tutorial thingy on the wiki but you already found it.

Learn some lua before trying to make a gamemode.

Wow very helpful here…

We aren’t here to make your darkrp wannabe gamemode.
Try making smaller stuff first.


You cant just say “look what I made, i r lazy make rest for me”.

okay i agree learn some lua Mostly all of your code is from tutorials or copyed from DarkRP or other gamemodes look if you really want to make a gamemode learn lua not just pull things together from random sources and hope to get help when all your code is not yours im sorry. I’m not trolling im just saying that you cant think making a gamemode is easy and you cant take code from other people you need to make your own stuff and learn.

1st step to learning how to code a gamemode: Gtfo facepunch (Kidding)
Seriously, try looking at the components of certain rp gamemodes and look at some of the key things that are used and required. It will take a while to be able to reconstruct or create your own gamemode.

I don’t think that it is smart to start with creating a RP gamemode first.
You should start with some kind of Death Match first.
Or instead of making a gamemode, code someting else.

Yeah, first thing I coded was a slingshot for a wintersurvival server.

I remember the first time I tried it… it didnt do anything :smiley: