Fortuna Favet Fortibus wiped 022514, Oxide, 1/4 craft PVP Absolutely No Admin Abuse

New server come play. Admins are Adults and will not interfere with legal play. No hacking


Server Features:

  • US Central
  • Oxide
  • Mature Admins, No Admin Abuse
  • CheatPunch Enabled
  • Vac Active
  • PvP
  • Sleepers
  • Airdrops at 10
  • 50 Slots (we will never overcrowd the play area)
  • Crafting set to .25


  • No impersonating other players.
  • No impersonating admins. [bannable offense]
  • No hacking or cheating [bannable offense]
  • No Locked Back Packs
  • No Greifing of HOMES [bannable offense]

To Connect:
Press F1 to open the console copy & paste the following command there and press enter

Wiped yesterday, come and play …

Excellent turn out tonight, so if you are looking for a place to set up camp you may want to stop by. Now is an excellent time to log in and establish your base. All the main players have called it a night.

Gearing up for tonight making bullets cooking food and fortifying house. come get me if you can

communistwithagun was banned from sight for greifing homes by sealing player in house.

Plenty of room to build your fort

We Are hacker free and greifer free

Plenty of room to establish and build