FortWars or BaseWars Gamemode

Hello facepunch,

I was wondering if anyone has a good working copy of basewars/fortwars for me to have and use on a server.
I have looked absolutely everywhere yet have not found a good working copy of either of the gamemodes :/. If anyone is nice
enough and sends me one I will be forever grateful. :slight_smile:

P.S sick and tired of the crappy versions on


||LPS|| Darkvoid

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Have fun

Great job linking DA…

They have both gamemodes hes looking for :v:

why dont people get that sigs are disabled for a reason

Fortwars is not a public gamemode and we don’t appreciate people trying to start their own servers with it. We even told you this two days before you posted this thread.

And as a reply to Frizzy on that post:

I don’t think Darkland came up with the idea of FortWars :wink:

Yeah, aren’t all these build-then-fight gamemodes basically fancier versions of Sourceforts?

I would appreciate anyone creating a gamemode like fortwars, or just easier, replicate fortwars, then post it on reddit, yup, that be nice, it would most likely be better than darkland. Who the FUCK cares if they stole your “idea”? Anyone could have had an idea for fortwars you aren’t the only one.