forum being constantly spammed with "subtle" ways to get keys...

Seriously, guys, i’ve made my account just little time ago, and it’s amazing the amount of drawings, videos, backgrounds, comments, etc. being made!
Most people who make these are literally saying “Give me a key! look, I made something about the game so you people think I´m a cool guy so I can get the game”
It´s more than obvious the only reason these are being made is to gently say “Gimme a key” without the chance of getting banned.

Just wait for the game to be more public, people.

This topic was a gentle way of asking for a key.


another one of these gj

uh how?

I think that they were using the logic that by posting this, you would be trying to get on the good side of the devs and eventually they would give you a key.

not really, and i cant see why this would make me get to the “good side” of the devs, just saying what i think lol

Yeah, I was just stating one idea.