Forum is very messy, not professional.

Hello all,

I just wanted to make a suggestion. Your advertisement server thread page is hard to find. I still don’t know where it is. I just feel like your website could be build a little better or given a better layout. Its not easy to navigate for newer members and inexperienced computer users like myself. The other problem is when I make a minor mistake on the forums I get banned. I understand you are trying to keep it nice but couldn’t you give a warning telling what I did wrong so I will then fix it right away. Your constant banning of people is really starting to turn people away from your company. I know you have a very large fan base but for everyone person I find that loves your company I find 10 that hate it. I feel if you try to be a little more customer friendly it will go a long way with the community and your sells will increase even more. Thank you for your time.

We ban around here son, that’s just how things are.

You have to be careful, the Facepunch staff do not take any form of criticism, constructive or otherwise well.

yeha they should totally drop things and redesign the forums, fuck the alpha’s development lets make the forums look pretty…

The Rust Server subforum is directly above the New Thread button.
Read the sticky, trust me, it makes all of the rules clear as day. (In fact, I could get banned for replying to this, but it’s still at the top of the list so I should be okay, I hope. (I <3 you, postal))
Plus, I don’t think Facepunch is terribly concerned about sales right now… they’re developing and testing Rust, if they were selling in mass quantities the amount of pure BS on this forum would be 100-fold at least.

I have one response…

They are busy making one of the coolest games I have ever played.

Alright I have two comments…

Once upon a time I knew a PM (Project Manager)…he was given $125,000 to create a software…

Well little ol him was so excited to be given this responsibility…and he wanted to make it super amazing and super duper software tool. Well he drew out a plan and some flow charts and stuff that is boring for most people. The devs working for him were smart but they were worker bees and not thinkers (I shalt not explain difference).

Half way through the project he prioritized looks and feels before functionality…bad idea…end of the story…

Functionality First…LOOKS AND FEELS SECOND Son!


I feel that some of these bans could be replaced with like warning tickets or something.

I agree with you that some of these bans people are given should not be given, a pm in your inbox with a warning/infraction should be substituted.

I got banned for a day in another subforum by starpluck for not being “calm.” I used bolded words and underlined text (where appropriate and in moderation) in my post trying to defend my community from people spreading lies, apparently making me appear uncalm. Then I was banned for a week extension trying to show him that I was indeed calm and was trying to make a point.

Tldr: a new administrative system needs to be considered, admins ban people for silly reasons, I’m afraid to post at times, starpluck is a bad moderator.

Honestly, for forums, functionality and looks can coincide rather easily. Not to mention, that having a community manager to focus on the forums, communicate between devs and players, etc. would have been a good idea to look into prior to launching the early access on steam.

Lol you should be, Postal is an epic beast with that banhammer. :wink:
But trust me, as someone who stalks this forum, this place would be absolute HELL if postal didn’t do what he does.
As I said before in another thread, postal is the forum moderator, not the forum maid.

I’ve found that these forums are very fair.

I don’t think I’ve seen many people banned for criticizing the game. Hell, I was blasting the Rust team for the slow rate of development; that didn’t even net me a ban.

I think the big thing they don’t like is trolling and personal attacks.

Thanks that is the very helpful. That’s the kind of stuff I am talking about. I know I am not the smartest guy in the world but it makes me feel alot better about the company when people help out like that. And part of my point people in this thread say they are scared to post in your forums. Is that what rust wants? You guys have a reputation now.

Postal I hate you you’re such a horrible mod I’m criticizing you blah blah blah.
You say be careful not to criticize and how much of a tyranny this forum is except if that were true every single person in the thread would be banned. You even posted this in the wrong section, and weren’t penalized. You people are blind and get way to pissed way to easily when you get banned. I just got off a ban, and I didn’t mind at all. It was just a day away from Facepunch. Hell a moderator even POSTED in this thread, a thread criticizing them, and didn’t do shit. You get banned for being an idiot. That ban is the warning, because next time it will be longer. Then you make alternate accounts and bitch about how bad the mods are. THERE IS A WHOLE SECTION FOR BANNED USERS TO BITCH ABOUT THE MODS. “oh we’re new how do we find it,” well it’s the only forum you can view when you’re banned so there’s that. Damn it feels good to rant.

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This system has been in effect since 2005, I wasn’t even around back then and this is still the best goddamn community on the internet.

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Do you guys want this back? Will this make it clear enough for you?

See you proved my point exactly. I looked for the proper place to post this. I thought it is posted in the correct place. You sir are part of the problem. I am trying to make a constructive argument. Read your post again and tell me it doesnt sound like a child wrote it having a tantrum. Ask yourself how does your response help the community.

Its just because everything is posted here

Except the server advertising

It helps rid the community of people who don’t understand how proper communities operate, and can’t stand being banned for more then an hour. Do you even view the rest of the forum? This place is huge, thousands even millions of posts everyday. Everyone outside of this Rusty shit hole will agree this is the cancer and demise of the Facepunch forums.

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Also I’m going at you as much as the people who are complaining and being completely blind and slightly hypocritical. I can see you’re quite mature. Unfortunately the same can’t be said about the majority of your Rust friends.

I am the majority you are the minority. With out people like me the company would not make enough money to operate. Also this is the only community that I have been involved with that is this strict. I was also banned for 3 days. Yes I viewed the rest of the forums again just now and I still don’t know where this thread is suppose to go. So seriously are you a troll or do you really believe the things you are saying? Also how old are you out of curiosity?

what are you even talking about

Making stupid wise-cracks about age doesn’t help anyone, especially yourself.
I happen to agree with lope.
People need to grow up, read the rules, figure it out. Almost everyone gets banned once, it’s a learning experience.
I was butt-hurt when I got banned, then I got over it.
Problem solved.

Okay look. You are not the majority. One cannot even argue that. What do you mean the company wouldn’t have enough money to operate? This forum was founded by garry, the mastermind behind gmod. I assure, for the years before Rust existed the website was doing just fine. This site has been in existence since 2005, drawing in gmod fans and regular internet users alike. That’s almost 9 years without Rust. Do you honestly think, that Rust fans were able to over take a community which has been growing for 9 years prior? You didn’t and garry sure as hell doesn’t rely on Rust profits to run the site.