Forum is very messy, not professional.

If you want “Professional” go play at EA with your fancy indian support technicians. This is facepunch studio. It is run with an iron fist.

the link for it was literally right above the new thread button you clicked to make this lol. Look harder.

Lurk more and learn how the forum operates and you won’t have to worry about getting banned, but anyways the ban is the warning here.

those are people we really don’t want here so we don’t care.

I am not trying to insult by asking about age. I apologize if i offended. I was going to use it as part of my argument, but if anyone is offended by it I wont. And sievers808 telling people to grow up after putting “Making stupid wise-cracks about age doesn’t help anyone, especially yourself.” Doesn’t help your case much either. Its all opinion is my point.

Rust needs it’s own subforums. Problem solved.

So is the rust company only looking for a small community?

I have to agree. I’ve been here for ages and the one thing that gets me is how unforgiving the moderation system is. I really don’t think it contributes to creating a nice community.

Smartness was great because it gave you a chance to fix your mistakes. It didn’t outright punish you.

I signed up to a large creative writing forum recently and they don’t have anywhere near the ruthless banning system we have here. There are the occasional misplaced threads or new users who need things explained to them, but the world’s not falling down around them because of this. If anything it feels like a much more friendly place to post because you’re not seeing new and inexperience users get punched in the face for posting in the wrong area and you’re not looking over your own shoulder trying to make sure you’re not about to get banned.

The justification that ‘it’s just a day ban get over it’ doesn’t really sit well; this is a social platform and there are people that we’re all trying to keep in touch with here. In this day and age, 24 hours of no contact is pretty significant.

With the new users coming in from Rust there’s the added problem of being too strict too soon. People coming in and getting banned immediately, and so it’s no wonder if they don’t come back. If you want to release a game to the public and be seen as a competent and helpful developer, you need to foster a competent and helpful (and friendly) community, and that’s just not happening with the current system.

Might get banned for this (hoho feel more comfortable posting at your writing forum go and post there then hoho!) but it needs to be talked about

Dude you needed to see me when I first signed up. My first post is the regret of my life on the forums. I won’t go into details about it but it taught me a lesson. Lurk. Lurk. For the love of god users shouldn’t be allowed to post for their first month of membership and I wish this rule was in existence when I signed up because my reputation was crushed in my early postes. Just like how your is being crushed right now. For your sake, don’t leave the Rust subforum. Also please note, is not the Rust forums. Rust is a SUBforum of

minority? ok i made a chart if it helps

You could be right about I being the minority because I honestly didnt do any research. I just belong to a 1100 person clan and its the general tone I get from the clan and most the people I talk to. I just enjoy the game and want to see the company do well so I just wanted to see if I could help with some feed back. I just have never seen a game so filled with people that hate the company (facepunch). I just want to help.

No, they are looking for a community that doesn’t consist of people making posts where the answer can be found by simply google searching or looking at other threads, or posts/threads that have no positive contribution to rust at all.

I’ve seen so many of the same threads with the same answers it actually drives me crazy.

People need to learn how to use fucking google. I got this game two weeks ago and i’ve found all of my answers with a simple google search or with an internal search in the rust forums.

We don’t want people that are lazy dicks, if that means smaller community here on the forums then sure why not lol. It’s not much we ask of people, just to be courteous and learn our rules so as to keep things neat and organized.

People who have bought a game shouldn’t have to spend a whole bunch of time lurking in the forums before making a support thread. That’s not how customer service should ever work. As was stated above, when Facepunch gets a reputation for being an unfriendly and unhelpful place to post, it reflects badly on the product and the developers. It’s important to remember that people don’t have time to lurk in a forum and nor should they have to. Investing hours of your time before you’re allowed a reasonable chance at getting help with something you’ve bought is a stupid prospect.

‘Hur hur we don’t want certain types of people here’ probs isn’t a good business strategy

Uh ok well good thing I made them a compilation of our rules in the rules sticky at the top of the forum then to save them the trouble

Yeah, it’s not like almost every person on steam owns Garry’s Mod, another game by Facepunch Studios.

Rust must be the only subforum with people, those hundreds viewing every other section must be bots.

This. And you say you visited the rest of the forums.

Remember if you’re going to be a smart ass make sure you’re smart otherwise you’re just an ass.

I didn’t make this post to start making people mad so please don’t any one take offense I just wanted to help and maybe make a difference because it is confusing for new people.

You know, companies don’t always have to pander to the lowest common denominator. Not all companies are out to make as much cash as quickly as possible.
I think it’s perfectly normal for some people to feel like they don’t belong or don’t want to be here… honestly I think it makes the whole experience better for those that DO feel like they belong.

I’m almost 40 years old. I used to connect to BBSs with my 300 baud modem and use forums before there was an internet, so believe me when I tell you I have used many many forums and in all honesty I have never seen more ban happy and rude mods in my life.

Thanks so much, we do try our hardest :slight_smile: