forum question!

Moderators are banning people with legitimate questions about rust beta keys. I see there is a thread about not asking for keys but 70% of these threads being banned are not even asking for a key. Most of the threads just mention wanting to play this game and get banned. Its really sad and your going to lose interest in your forum and games. Your forum is pathetic.:rock:

(User was permabanned for this post ("dumb" - postal))

Go away if you dont like it

I will leave this dumbass forum :dance:


Sadforum, people are coming with unnecessary threads, just like them wanting to play the game. The thing is, no one cares. That’s why they get banned. It’s okay that they are excited for the game, but they can talk to their friends about that or whatever. No need to spam this forum with it.

In before 1 thread is spamming hahah

There have been multiple threads about it, not one.

alright so no asking legitimate questions that relate to other threads that’s spamming. And instant ban. cool go it rofl

I thought you were leaving?

The problem is perspective, when people come looking for rust keys they have just arrived and haven’t seen the vast amount of previous threads about rust keys. It’s your own fault for having ‘powers of observation’ likened to a 4 year old.

Welcome to Facepunch mate, welcome. Rules are rules. You have no clue how annoying it is when people constantly post threads no one cares about (What they think about the game even before they’ve got it, key begging, and what not).

" i wud like a key plz this game luks awesum " Is a really bad idea to base a thread on.
And people who make those threads deserve to be banned, it’s not really a question, it’s just senseless key begging.