Forum Websites Sold Here.

***Hello, I’m Ceph! I have recently started selling professionally made forum sites for your Minecraft or Garry’s Mod servers and/or simple sites. :smile:

So, to get started, here’s some information about purchasing a site!***

***Forum Site Without Graphics - $20.00 + $4.00/month for hosting!
[Includes: Full Customization, Many themes to choose from, and a free domain with .INFO!]

Forum Site With Graphics - $30.00 + $4.00/month for hosting!
[Includes: Full Customization, Many themes to choose from, Professional graphics, and a free domain with .INFO!]***

Example: [I made this logo in about ten minutes! Not my best.]

Requirements: Skype



If I’m not mistaken, that forum software is SMF which is free and easy to setup

It would seem to follow,you’re just editing one of those free themes (1000+ on their community hub)

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I was right, didn’t think he was a designer, the theme from his screenshot is laGusta by

One quick google search later

EDIT:Another google search later

I wouldnt even consider that a logo, its just fucking text anyone could do that.

looks like word art

In graphics, I mean I make logos and other things they will need. And yes, its SMF. Many people do not know about SMF and may need help setting it up.

And that’s worth 20 - 30 bucks?

I’ll do it for free :v:

Shit there are loads of free guides that will hold your hand online

You can install Mybb, VERY easy to set up, install plugins, themes etc. And if I have spare time, I can make banners and icons for you guys.

Guys, guys!!

He’s selling “professionally made forums”, give him a break…

Now, do you think that doing a SMF forum (Worst CMS ever) wich has numerous bugs on the Package Manager (Plugin Incompatibility) will cost 20-30 bucks?.

Setting up a Scratch made Website, integrate every single function the forum has to the website, adding Steam Open ID Registration to the website linked to the forum and getting the forum to look whatever the client wants COST 30 or 25 bucks…

I can even do that in no time, and mostly important… for free. SMF isn’t a professional CMS like vBulletin, IP.Board or xenForo.

SMF isn’t a CMS

XenForo isn’t even a CMS :v:

What is a cms?

Also, I think the op should change a lot of the top post to explain what you are really paying for, if anything this seems like he is just scamming.

SMF is free. He’s charging 20 for a site w/o “graphics” plus 4 more for a FREE forums page or with graphics you can pay 30 + 4 more.

Seems like a scam to me

Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, list can go on.
A CMS is a Content Management System, basically being able to manage your content easily using a backend admin panel.

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You do realise that buying a domain name isn’t everything? Hosting costs money, and he’s offering it for $4. If he was a legitimate hosting company, it isn’t THAT expensive. (Yes I know there are really cheap hosting packages offered by goDaddy etc.)

I’m sure Lithium and DeRoyalServers offer packages that are around $10/yr which would easily facilitate a small community/forum ( Lithium used to have it, not sure if they still do, just going off past experience ). They also offer automatic SMF installs, all you have to do is upload the theme file which you can get from a Google search, this is pretty scandalous to be honest, if anyone wants help setting up forums/websites for their communities them add me on Steam and I’ll help you setup everything ( minus themes that are nulled/warez ).

If a CMS is like what Cyberuben described then Xenforo is. It has a back-end admin panel and does mange content relatively easily. (I use it :P)

XenForo but also IPBoard are also CMSes, they allow other pages to be created fairly easily if I remember correctly.

Content Management System (CMS)

By definition means you can manage the content of your site with it.

This means, being able to edit your website with the system.

A forum software, simply creates a forum page on your site (basically)
Examples of CMS packages include
> vbulletin
> Invision Power Board (+ all their CMS package stuff)

Forum Only stuff (you need another plugin to do CMS stuff like adding pages that fit the theme of the site, through the site)
> Mybb
> PhpBB
> XenForo

CMS (not as forum based)
> Joomla
> Drupal(citation needed)