Forward Angle

how do i set the same angle as the player has?

when i look at north east then i want that my prop_physics spin to the forward angle

prop:SetAngles(ply:GetAngles():Forward * 45) ?

(i want that it spin to the front of my character not local to the world)

i dont know how to explain my question

but how does it work the forward angle? i hope it is the right function i need

i know how the vector getforward works but i cant understand the angle forward…

I’m not sure what do you want…But if you want the prop look to your player
local ang = (prop:GetPos()-ply:GetPos()):Angle() //Substract Angle(0,180,0) if the direction is wrong

If you want your prop look where your player looks at

local ang = ply:EyeAngles()