Forward thinking rust servers *Economy system* *Door Sharing* *Zombie Quests* *Insta Craft*

We got a regular player base but a looking for some nice player to fill the gap. 100 Slot server

Press F1 net.connect

Whats in it now :

[Economy system] (you get money for killing zombies and you can buy stuff of the ingame store, like guns, food,ammo, bulding material. (We are working on a fix that will arive 19/1 so you can sell loot too.)

[Door Sharing] Share the doors in your base with all your friends.

[TP to player] You got a pool of Tps that you can use to get together with your friends.

[Insta Craft] Craft everything in 1 sec

[Zombie Quests] at the killcount 10= Can of tuna 100=556 ammo 75
500=supply signa ( This is still in the works, we will add more stuff later on)

[Group system] Chat between players in the group private for tactics and raids =)