Forward to victory,comrades!

The posing is stiff and it looks like you duplicated half of them.

Nice picture, although a couple have american weapons, which is strange. What models are these?

Dude in the background is like “Hey comrades look what I found!”

The Russians and the Americans were allies back then,so why not? ^^ Also you didn’t state specifically which models but the tanks are from Beat the Zombie’s world of tanks ports,the soldiers are from Half-Dead’s Eastern Front Red Army and the weapons are from the Brother’s in Arms weapons pack.

Posing’s kinda stiff all around. Pose less guys at a time but put more effort into each one. Lighting’s kinda bland, the grass needs to be thicker, and tanks don’t really have a muzzle flash when they fire, just the gunpowder.

You’re getting better.

Scary stuff. Posing isn’t realistic/duped.

Also, was this map one of the maps for Resistance and Liberation?

If so, gah, it’s so good to see one of the maps from my mod being used productively.

-snip- not educated.

The Soviets were the ones who took Berlin, which last time checked isn’t in Russia. Also Russian and American forces met on the Elbe River in 1945.

But I don’t know if there were any battles where Americans and Russians fought alongside each against the Germans. There were was probably small skirmishes, but by that time the German Military was practically gone besides a few pockets of resistance and the forces in Norway and the garrisons on the Channel Islands.

What? The russians pushed the Nazi’s all the way back to Berlin.

In fact the Soviets did more to win the war in Europe than the United States did, look at the Battles for Stalingrad, Leningrad, and Kursk. In Stalingrad alone, the Soviets lost more troops than the U.S did in the entire war. And the Soviets also fought the brunt of the German Army while the Western Allies(mostly) fought secondary forces.

But I’m not saying that the United States and Britain could not have won the war without the Soviets, because they probably would have, but it would’ve been a much longer war unless we dropped the atom bombs on Germany.

I’m obviously not well educated on the second WW as I thought I was. Thanks for the info. Also, I completely derped on the Berlin part. Regardless though, it still doesn’t make sense to see the Russians with US guns.

Actually in the war the US sent a lot of equipment, food, weapons and vehicles etc. to the Russians.