Forwarding Ports? No tutorials really help.

First of all I’d like to point out that I googled this and looked in the stickied threads.

Ok so in all tutorials telling you how to set up a listen server (which is all I really want to do don’t tell me to set up a dedicated one please, I’ll move on the the tough stuff later) it says forward the ports so that people can connect to them, but it says it like everyone knows how to do it, and when I googled it the only tutorial was for Windows XP, not Vista. So if anyone can tell me how to forward ports so that I can set up a little listen server for me and my friends then i’ll give you a

and a


Find your router model, the application is Steam Server.

I’m using a Motorolla SB5120 and it isn’t on the list.

You don’t use a router?

Because that sounds like a modem to me.

Ok so maybe I have a little bit of :saddowns: (Or not) but yes, it was a modem all along.

You need a router to host, a modem won’t work, cus you can’t forward anything on those.
Mebbe this is wrong i don’t know, but i heard it from another post somewhere that you REQUIRE a router.

this is not true, I have succesfully hosted listen and dedicated servers on a modem before, it’s the brand and purpose that limits their capability. mine does have a firewall with port forwarding.

i thought you had to disable firewall so it wouldnt spam the “Block or Allow” message everytime you launch it

No, that’s a software firewall. (And a badly coded one, by the sound of it.)

Disable your firewalls or add exceptions for srcds.

The server will work, it will also work properly and people should be able to see what server you are connected to.

Connect to your server from the internet list when connecting.

Goto: Http:\ Look for your router. Then look for the game. If your using half life 2, look for Half Life 2 Steam Server, HL2 uses the same port number as HL1 games. If your not using it. Look for the game ur looking for.