Forwarding Ports?

My friend (who is too lazy to make a Facepunch account) is having trouble forwarding ports. He has a NetGear WNR3500, and has the TCP and UDP forwarding to 27015. However, when I try to join the server, it either is not in the Friends tab, and if I click the “Click here to join them” or whatever, it says Server is not responding. I have the same problem. I have a D-Link DIR-655, and I am forwarding the same as he is. Please help, this is annoying.


Sorry for this, but bump. Please help, it’s really starting to piss me off. I’ve read the post about this, but it didn’t help at all.

I am not to lazy to get a facepunch account and can someone please help us, we don’t know how to fix this problem

Ok, forward port range 27005 to 27015 TCP and UDP, and are u using vista?

Also, can u post a screenshot of your port forward screen, so I can investiagte further

I’m using XP. And yes, hold on.


Actually, I’m gonna test the server first.


Screenshot of Port Forwarding page:

Oh, and my IP addresses are there, but I just erased them for privacy I guess.

I am using Vista, and my server still does not work.

Can anyone help? Really…

you need to make sure you are forwarding to the right ip address (I assume thats done).

On windows firewall you need to unblock srcds.exe as well as port 27005 & 27015 TCP and UDP. If you dont know how, or you still have problems, then post again. Also, add me on steam my name is Mental_Atom

We have the same one!

Your forgeting 1200

Ports 27000 to 27050 should be open

1200 is not needed… i have one running. You need to forward it to the right addres and open the ports in windows firewall

Yeah, I don’t know how to access Windows Firewall.

I don’t know how to unblock things on windows firewall, how do I?

edit: I found out how to unblock things, but I couldn’t find where srcds.exe was, do i need to download something to get it?

srcdc.exe was already there for me. I turned off firewall and it still won’t work. I added the ports to the firewall as well, in case I had to.


Besides, we’re trying to run servers in game, not dedicated servers.

That is wrong.

I got the same router as you do. And i got no problems.

Just forward 27015, both in UDP and TCP.

He already tried that, he tried that first and we kept trying other things to make it work, did you have to unblock something or forward anything else?

Yeah, I made exceptions of steam, garrysmod, scrds etc at my Firewall, since it blocked them.

if you let me remote desktop over i can set this all up for you

Ok, so I’m gonna try the steam, garrysmod, and srcds, but srcds was already in there. And what is remote desktop?

It basically lets him control your desktop. He seems to have a desire to be able to control other people’s computers because he always suggests that in every thread he goes into.

Haha Yea i do :stuck_out_tongue:

I like to contorl shit - and its easier just to do it for them…
I cant use Voice to explain as im deaf

Can I stop you from controlling my computer using remote desktop if I don’t like what you are doing?