Found a Bug

I tried to play rust today, and i joined a server that had the lowest ping for me (13). When i joined the game, everything was perfect and everything was working fine. After about 15 seconds, i would glitch into the ground and slowly rise up. when i got to the top i continued to run around normally. When i saw someone all i saw was their hand moving with a hatchet in their hand. Also, whenever i tried to mine trees or rocks it never worked after the bug happened. I tried to mine a tree, and i counted to exactly 150 times with a rock and never got any wood. I checked every way i possibly could to see if the logs were just bugged or something, but nothing happened. I had 0 logs in my inventory and that’s what came out of it. I then tried exactly 150 times on rocks with a rock and nothing happened. Then, i tried hitting animals but they just kept eating and never ran away. Please someone help :dance: